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More High-Potential Projects in the Works

There are a number of high-potential projects in the works for Expanseall designed to generate fee income to help keep Expanse afloat and utility for LAB and EXP, with the goal of creating value for token-holders.

  • Private Label Bank Wallet
    A large South American bank is close to signing a deal with Expanse to private label the Luna wallet for its consumer banking customers to use when shopping with the banks’ small business banking segment.
  • Startup Poised to Launch on Expanse Blockchain
    A start-up with very high potential is close to making a decision about launching their project on the Expanse platform. We have been nurturing this opportunity for some time, and are feeling somewhat confident that we will have an announcement for you in the very near future.
  • Crypto Starter Kit
    As yet unnamed, this concept is to bring everyday Joes quickly and smoothly into the world of  Bitcoin and cryptocurrency. Just in time for Christmas, this product is intended for mass-marketing to the general population. The concept is not entirely new, but we think we can do it better.
    Purchasers will receive small amounts of EXP and LAB to work with as we walk them through various entry-level processes culminating in minting their own coin on Tokenlab. We plan to license content from and work with the creators of some very well-established training courseware. Although we have a verbal agreement with them, we hope to have the MOU signed next week.  


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