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New Luna Wallet Release Notes, v 2

You can now download the upgraded Expanse Luna Wallet v2. You’ll want to take advantage of the new features, including Tokenlab integration, UI enhancements,, and resolution of GEXP and CSS issues.

New Feature

  • Tokenlab Integration with Luna wallet
    • Get all the tokens /contracts you have in Tokenlab.
    • Read/write contracts of Tokenlab through Luna wallet.

Instructions for Installing the Updates to Luna Wallet

  1. Access the Luna wallet on the Expanse website:
  2. Download latest version of luna-wallet
  3. Open Luna wallet.
  4. Click on Tokenlab icon that is placed inside the menu bar of Luna wallet.
  5. Login with Tokenlab login credentials in Luna wallet.
  6. All your tokens you have in Tokenlab will be added in Luna wallet database.
  7. All of your contracts you have in Tokenlab will be added in Luna wallet database.
  8. On Logout, all data is deleted in the database. When you Log in again, it will again add into the database.

Other Issues Resolved

  • Bugs Fixed.
  • CSS issues Resolved.
  • GEXP issues resolved.
  • UI enhancements.

GEXP Issues Resolved

  • Rewinding blockchain
  • After latest GEXP download, reinstallation bug fixed.

Other changes

  • Update Exp Price when change in market.
  • Change currency selector.
  • Add loader on walletInfo screen button.
  • “Fund with Bitcoin” button is working now


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