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Join the ambassador program

Expanse Ambassador Application

This is an application for the Expanse Ambassador position. A position sponsored by the EXP.
The purpose of this position is to reach out to new cryptocurrency members via local meet-ups. During these meet-ups, ambassadors will educate the audience on what Expanse is, what the technology offers, and what projects are being worked on. A presentation will be prepared for ambassadors to use during each local meet-up.

Getting involved is easy. Simply download and complete the Ambassador Program application. Then email it to Scott Willians, [email protected] Scott and his team are available to answer your questions and will also assist you by:

  • Providing Expanse-branded apparel for the meet-up host (the ambassador).
  • Guiding you through the process of selecting a location.
  • Supplying Expanse give-aways for drawings or contests.
  • Assisting with presentation materials.
  • Providing a small allowance for food and libations for your meet-up guests.


  • Great public speaking
  • Excellent communication
  • At least a one Discord or one Telegram account
  • Able to travel within the area of a scheduled local meet-up
  • Knowledge of cryptocurrency
  • Knowledge of the Expanse technology and Expanse projects
  • Active in social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)


  • Create local meet-up events
  • Invite people who are interested in learning more about cryptocurrency
  • Host presentations
  • Record pictures and/or video during the local meet-up
  • Share pictures and/or video from the local meet-up through social media channels
  • Pay is based on local meet-up size
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