Happy New Year from Expanse - Expanse

Happy New Year from Expanse

Happy New Year from Expanse

2018 In Review

By all accounts, 2018 was a transitional year for Expanse―a year of repositioning and getting our feet planted firmly on the ground. We solidified our leadership team and grew our global footprint, establishing teams and office space in five countries.

Along-side the entire industry, we cautiously adjusted to market events and regulatory changes, fine-tuning our strategy along the way. What a year it was for cryptocurrency!

Despite all the fear, loss in value and uncertainty that circled around us, we continued to operate somewhat in the shadows, building our ecosystem with the support of our very devoted community.

Among our 2018 accomplishments are the additions of many new valued partners, including exchanges, wallet-providers and projects coming on board to launch on the Expanse blockchain. We are most proud of:

  • Our EXP.Grants program, where we funded start-ups with great potential. That program brought us both Slips and Gameboard, which are both nearly complete.
  • A new newsletter approach with regular columns profiling both our community and staff members.
  • Somos Expanse, our digital crypto news magazine for our Spanish-speaking community.
  • EXPEX, our own DEX which is near launch.
  • An airdrop of PEX, the underlying token for EXPEX.
  • A new, more robust version of Gander.
  • The new Luna Wallet, which is destined for great things with many enhancements conceived and underway.
  • A new Tokenlab prototype with a focus on token and smart contract creation and building a marketplace with an entire ecosystem of utility tokens that are in place to help developers build their businesses. The first phase of Tokenlab will launch publicly in January.

We could not have accomplished these things without the ongoing support of our community. For this, I thank all of you.

2019 Preview

I predict that 2019 will be a coming-out party of sorts for Expanse. Tokenlab is big and impactful. We are proud of how it has taken shape and anxious to demonstrate to our supporters, especially those that participated in our crowd sale, that our commitment has not wavered and the potential is unlimited.

In addition to continuing to enhance all the 2018 projects, our focus in 2019 will be on growing our ecosystem through partnerships with developers of utility tokens for the Tokenlab marketplace. Having been in existence for over four years now, we believe the Expanse blockchain is more stable and scalable than anything else out there. Developers can count on us for support in creating their tokens, listing them on EXPEX and launching them on Expanse―it’s the whole package.

In 2019, you will see a much more visible Expanse. We aim to make news and be news. Our attendance at conferences will increase and our media foothold will take shape due to new partnerships and innovations. Let’s continue to do great things together!

With Respect and Gratitude,

Note: Although my reputation as a futurist is not yet firmly cemented, my team talked me into responding to some typical Q&As, as most CEOs tend to do at year-end. Here’s my take:

Q1. What are your predictions for Bitcoin in 2019?

I think bitcoin is going to have a solid year for 2019. I believe one of the ETF applications will be approved, BAKKT will get some new money in and the layer 2 protocols, like the lighting network, will see huge growth, increasing the scalability of BTC, which is good for the industry all around. Basically, I think bitcoin will mature even more than it already has.

Q2. What are you most proud of for Expanse in 2018?

Making it through such a tragic year for the industry. Even though the markets are doom and gloom, we have managed to push through the fog and still release incredible, empowering software. Not only that, but we have matured as a team so much and really honed down our process. Regardless of all the roadblocks and bumps in the road 2018 threw at us, we just buckled down and emerged on the other side stronger than ever before. The EXP Grants brought us Slips and Gameboard, Tokenlab met its end of the year deadline for version 1.0, Luna and Gander are more beautiful than ever, and we have a solid plan for growth and development.

Q3.  Where do you see Expanse one year from now?

Bigger than ever before because 2018 gave us a stronger team, a more crystallized vision, and new tools like EXP Grants, TokenLab, EXPEX and Luna Wallet. In 2019 we will focus our efforts on welding those tools to the best of our ability.

Q4. Four years ago when founded, you described Expanse as a way for one to create the life they want to live. How does that sync up with where we are today?

When people say they want to create the life they want to live in, it means something different to everyone. That’s why we focus on creating tools for people. When people have economic and social sovereignty, anything is possible. In 2019 we are taking Expanse back to its roots, but this time with a much clearer vision of what it is we want to do. We will expand Tokenlab to be more than just launching tokens, Luna will become the ultimate Swiss army knife of personal freedom, and the EXP Grants system will bring new and exciting ideas to Expanse.

Q5. Literally within days, we will be launching a smart contract/token creation service (Tokenlab) complete with guaranteed listing on a DEX (EXPEX) and a platform to sit on (Expanse) that is fast and scalable. How does that stack up against the competition?

Most of the competition is focusing on tokenized securities. This is something we had planned to work on as well, but then as we developed we saw there was a need for more than just another platform for ICOs. There was a need for a full-fledged smart contract marketplace. A peer to peer store where people can sell (or give away) copies of their contracts on any network and we would help them launch it. Think of iTunes, but for smart contracts.


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