Recently our team work on this GEXP Update to the 1.19.20 version 

Geth v1.9.20 is another maintenance release containing bug fixes and security enhancements. This update is recommended for all users.

Please note that reverting to Geth v1.9.19 or prior after upgrading to v1.9.20 is not possible without a resync because the blockchain database layout has changed.

The Allergy finder team has made significant progress this month.The latest, in a series of exciting updates, is the introduction of the tablet version for the Allergy Finder App. This new version will be released this week and it will be available for IOS and Android tablets. 

Allergy finder is a platform to record all your meals, symptoms and allergic reactions in a very simple way. Keep an orderly diary of your allergic reactions. In addition, you can help oth ...

The DEFI Team has been working on its own version of UNISWAP connected to the Expanse Network in this process the challenges have been interesting but most have been overcome by this team.

At Expanse we are committed to supporting the teams whom wish to build on our platform, we are supporting with configuration parameters and with the image and branding of the portal to follow the graphic line of Expanse.

Something we see a lot on twitter and even in our discord is “no one cares about the allergy finder app, no one will use it”. That's a fair assumption from a cryptocurrency centric viewership but it’s also very nearsighted. Something we have learned in the last 5 years with Expanse is that the crypto industry has a painfully short term memory and an even shorter attention span that moves in cycles. In order to hedge the draining bear markets and provide an external revenue stream of USD, we have focused on a non c ...

Food allergies and travel make a tricky combination – finding a decent meal while travelling becomes an uphill task. All the fun and excitement of visiting a new destination is marred even before you begin the journey, since you keep worrying about the crushed peanuts on the khow suey, the sour cream in tacos and every garnish on salads and soups.

It is known that more than 26 million Americans have one or the ...

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