Hello Expanse Community. These are difficult and unprecedented times we are witnessing. The focus is squarely now back on human health and we have seen even the systems of developed nations crumble under the sheer pressure of a pandemic. Our strategies have been proven hollow. It is now more than ever to focus on the health of an individual to reduce the strain on a nation ...

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Expanse has been listed on reputed exchanges like HitBTC, Graviex and Bittrex. It has now been listed by Accointing.

Accointing is an all-in-one solution that allows you to track, manage, and report your transaction from one single platform. Accointing is a multi-tool platform with and is available for desktop, Android a ...

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GEXP v1.9.13 is a scheduled maintenance release, focusing on polishes and fixes. The highlight of the release is that we've finally merged support for dynamic state snapshots, something we've been working on for some time now. For now it's not yet enabled by default, but we're hoping for big things to be built on top of this.

Since the past couple of months, we have been working on an app that will help millions of individuals around the world suffering from food allergies. If you all remember, we had mentioned the development of this app fleetingly in the General channel of our Discord. 

We kept the team small - Omar overlooking the dev ...

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The idea of life being a game is not new to us. But if all the statistics could be represented in the same way as in a game that could be viewed by other players and be used as a verifiable overview of the person, it would be both very useful and convenient. Every experience in the form of a photograph or a video or a blog post will result in gaining points. The more point ...

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Jitendra Rathod, contributing newsletter editor, discusses the popularity of gamification to make health apps more fun to use and to increase user compliance. 

Do you count your daily steps in your smartwatch or fitness app? Do you drink water to grow a virtual plant? If you are doing something like this, t ...

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On Feb 26, 2020, a hard fork happened at # Blocknumber: 3,050,000 on the Expanse blockchain.

Basically GEXP 1.9.10 will introduce a handful of gas changes that will allow interoperability between EXP and zcash, etc and eth, as well as allowing for more access to privacy technology.

ExpFaucet is an android mobile app that pays users in Exp coins for viewing ads and, in the very near future, for completing tasks. ExpFaucet is one of the projects funded by Expanse Grants system. The app was built by our community member @SpeedRunner using React Native on frontend and Node.js on backend.

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