EXPANSE NEWSLETTER Vol. 3, No. 20 – 11/01/2018 - Expanse

EXPANSE NEWSLETTER Vol. 3, No. 20 – 11/01/2018

Welcome to the twentieth edition of the Expanse Newsletter for 2018. This publication is a bi-monthly newsletter issued on the 1st and 15th of each month to share happenings within our community. Here are a few highlights in this edition:  

  • EXPEX Beta-Testing Starts Now!
  • Everything You Wanted to Know About GameBoard™
    (But Didn’t Know Whom to Ask!)
  • Slips Update
  • Update on Exchanges
  • 2019 Conference Calendar
  • Compelling Quotes

EXPEX Beta-Testing Starts Now!

Remember the PEX airdrop? Well, hang on to your PEX. Alpha-testing for our brand new EXPEX Exchange platform is complete and we are ready to release it to our community beta-testers. It has been a record-setting development effort by Asim and his team of developers. We could not be prouder of them. To make it easier to find out exactly what’s going on, I have created a Q & A for you:

Q. What is EXPEX?

A. EXPEX is a non-custodial Expanse wallet and decentralized exchange.

Q. How did you come up with that name?

A. The “EXP” is short for Expanse and “EX” is short for Exchange. Thus, EXPEX. As you know, the token for EXPEX is called PEX, which we airdropped in late August.

Q. What is a decentralized exchange?

A. Commonly referred to as a DEX, it is a digital asset exchange in which users custody their own assets without ever having to trust a centralized counterparty or operator to custody their digital assets. While centralized exchanges operate as “brokerage houses” doing all the heavy lifting for you in exchange for fees, a DEX is more of a “do-it-yourself” platform, where you make the trades and hold the funds in your account. The biggest advantage is that there is no intermediary to whom you entrust your funds. Most large and well-known exchanges are centralized. Here are some more features that make a DEX more attractive:

  • A DEX is more resistant to hacking
  • Regulators cannot shut it down
  • No central server that can become compromised
  • Higher degree of privacy
  • You control your funds, not an intermediary
  • Faster, since you do the trades yourself

Q. How did Asim’s team complete EXPEX so quickly?

A. Well, after the PEX airdrop, we knew we had to move quickly. Asim took virtually his entire team off of all other projects and focused entirely on a two-week sprint. Since this DEX is forking Loopr, they were off to a very good start.

Q. Does this mean you put Tokenlab™ on the backburner?

A. No.The timing actually could not have been better. The Tokenlab developers were ready for Omar (design and UI) and Marcia (content). Now that EXPEX is out for beta-testing, the team is back to work on Tokenlab as their primary focus.

Q. I want to be an EXPEX beta-tester. How do I sign up?

A. If you are already a beta-tester for Expanse, you do not have to re-apply. If not, here is how it works:

  1. Complete this participation form.
  2. Receive and complete a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) via email.
  3. Receive an invitation to the private EXPEX Beta-testing channel in the Expanse Discord.
  4. Receive a promotion to 1st Lieutenant in rank in the Expanse Army.
  5. Complete the feedback form available in the beta-testing channel.
  6. Asim and his team will review and implement required fixes, then deliver the latest builds to the software back to the channel for further testing.

I hope this Q&A was helpful and that you are just excited about EXPEX as we are. Go Expanse!

Everything You Wanted to Know About GameBoard™ (But Didn’t Know Who to Ask!)

We’ve talked previously about Gameboard, the baby of our Creative Director Omar Alvarez, who is also its CEO. Gameboard is also a recipient of the EXP Grants program, and we consider it to be part of the extended Expanse family.

For those who came in late, Gameboard is an online platform that combines gamification with team activities to make them exciting, challenging and rewarding. It allows you to keep track of your team actions, measuring and comparing  each member, team or department, using a points system and rewarding them accordingly. You also have the ability define levels and badges to engage them to play.

Gameboard is customizable – the team will design the game with you to accomplish your goals and develop or integrate your solution. You play the game, Gameboard will keep the score for you. With its unique solution, you will get a more efficient team and sufficient data to take better decisions.

The Gameboard service platform allows the integration of the gamified experience to the company’s processes with a RestFul API. This integration can be done to a custom platform or to an existing system. There is also an offline manual version of any system.

We are very excited about what is coming. It has been a long journey to understand how to normalize any gamified experience mechanics into one single platform. The design was very complex, but we finally got it!” says an elated Omar Alvarez. Omar has been juggling his roles as the brains behind Gameboard, the Creative Director at Expanse and managing Somos Expanse, the Spanish digital magazine (SomosExpanse.com). However, his inherent passion overrides the overwhelming nature of his varied roles and he does it all with élan.

The Gameboard project consists of 12 main modules that have been developed in two different activities, (1) the development of the backend for the management of platforms and integrations with an API for integration, and (2) a user frontend to give a better experience to the end user, wherein the users have better control over their progress, availability, awards and swaps. The entire platform allows customization to have the look and feel of the client company.


In my view, one of the biggest challenges that we have at this moment is the platform integration to the Expanse Blockchain for the management of points and exchanges. This information will be stored, and we want to be able to implement our own token using the Tokenlab functionalities for the process,” explains Omar.

Gameboard is already in talks with two platforms for the integration of Gameboard to gamify their processes. One of them is a platform that uses the concept of live raffles with the aim of helping patients with a one-month supply of the cost of health products that they need (www.happhe.com) and the other a system that improves communication between tenants and Condo Management Offices, that has plans to penetrate the Florida and Chicago markets (BetterCondos).

I am personally pretty excited with our journey so far, and what we’ve achieved. And now I look forward to seeing how Gameboard is received by the market. We will see Gameboard in live action when the teams at Happhe and BetterCondos use it for themselves. That will be a learning curve for us as well and we will keep on improving it as we go forward. I am sure many organizations will find value in using Gameboard to enhance their teams’ efficiency,” said Omar.

We, at Expanse are also looking forward to the day when Gameboard goes to market and we will be as excited as Omar to see it perform. We will keep you all updated on its progress. Cheer us on!

Update on the SLIPS Project

It’s time once again to check in on the progress of the Slips project. By their own admission, they have had a busy two weeks since their last update. When we last checked in on them, they had just completed an “exchange-like” deposit / withdrawal system.

There were a few tiny gremlins in the system – it wasn’t possible to withdraw a specific amount of Expanse from your balance but all that has now been fixed.

Slips co-founder Kyle O’Neill was extremely effusive, “The whole user experience is so smooth from the Slips side of things!“. He admitted that they were hoping that exchanges will make the process of buying cryptocurrencies easier for users, but “it doesn’t deter from the fact people will try and buy EXP once they get used to making challenges on Slips because that’s the natural step – you want to risk real money and the only way to do that is by buying EXP!

Channel and Chat Functionality

The biggest change in the proof of concept is that the chat interface is now in place. The team have gone to great lengths to create an intuitive interface like Slack, Discord etc to let people trash talk, send memes etc, all in real time.

Some of the functionality now available:

  • Ability to add moderators (they have a yellow crown icon on chat)
  • Upload images/memes or paste links to images and have them embedding into chat
  • Pepper messages with emojis
  • Send videos and links
  • Mention other users by name to notify them they have been summoned Trolls and spammers can now be silenced with the ban hammer!

One thing to note is that the entire “Create Challenge” interface has been re-worked. Co-founder Husain Fazel told us “it looks less like the knobs and controls of a nuclear reactor now!

For comparison, here is what it looked like:

This is how it works now:

Finally they also have been working on tying up loose ends – like a way for people to get support when they use Slips …


…and to recruit moderators/arbitrators once the application is launched:

Keep checking the Expanse discord for updates from the Slips team and if you are not already stocking up your Expanse in anticipation for the launch, now would be a great time to do so! As EXP member @abk5074 quite rightly puts it:

Update on Exchanges

We have been feeling pretty positive of late about our progress in listing EXP and LAB on exchanges.Given that a couple of opportunities have not panned out in the past, we are waiting to announce the first new exchange via press release on the same day as we see our icon actually appear on the exchange!

One press release is ready to go and could publish as soon as tomorrow. Standby!

2019 Conference Calendar

Conference attendance for the Expanse team was light in 2018 as compared to prior years. We are very excited and optimistic about what the future holds for Expanse, so plan to once again include the best of the best conferences in our 2019 visibility strategy.

Many of the conference schedules available online do not yet cover the later part of 2019, so this list is a start. Note that schedules change, so we will update this regularly.

Compelling Quotes  

Here is a collection of compelling quotes posted over the last two weeks in our various Discord channels. All of these are from various community members:

“I invested in EXP mid 2017, it was my first Cryptocurrency i invested in. The project has come a long way since then. I am looking forward to its future.”

“Expanse moon soon?”

“One thing I like about this community is its drive to help each other move forward. I’ve learned an incredible amount from the members here…@husainfazel ,@frk ,@KO, @dinc, @Marcia ,@tractatus, @Omar and others…have all been amazing at sharing knowledge and insight.”

“I’ve got a feeling that we can push the “EXP is attractive for dApps to build on” angle as a community. Apart from the cold hard cash that all devs need to exist, you often have lots of other problems, like for example introductions to investors, a sounding board when you run into problems with suppliers or contractors etc. Expanse can help with all of that.”

“Because we’re one of the first batches of projects to get funded through EXP.Grants, it’s a little bit lonely, so I thought that maybe more attention should be brought to the fact that EXP has this amazing grants programme and wants to build a thriving dev community. The more dApps that apply for grants, the more buzz around the project and if they utilize EXP as a payment method, it creates more demand for the token which is a win for everyone!

Join our Discord

Expanse Discord is live and kicking! Discord is a great communication platform, better than Slack. Join our growing community on Discord and you can also speak directly with the Expanse team or others in the Expanse community. Sign up for Discord today!. Thank you.


The Expanse Ambassador Program is designed to provide support and guidance for those of you who would like to help us spread the word about Expanse by hosting local meet-ups—wherever you are in the world.

Getting involved is easy. Simply download and complete the Ambassador Program application at this link: https://expanse.tech/join-the-ambassador-program/

The Expanse team are available to answer your questions and will also assist you by:

  • Providing Expanse-branded apparel for the meet-up host (the ambassador).
  • Guiding you through the process of selecting a location.
  • Supplying Expanse giveaways for drawings or contests.
  • Assisting with presentation materials.
  • Providing a small allowance for food and libations for your meet-up guests.

Expanse is thrilled to have you in the Expanse Army. Be sure to join Discord if you are not already part of it at this link: https://Discord.me/expanse – and grateful to all who would like to join the Ambassador Program!



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