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Tulip Conf

Tulip Conf

The tulip conference is in San Francisco june 7-8, Conference, June 11-13, Workshop and Expanse will be there with one the Ambassadors, wait for pictures from the event.

Whats the conference is about?

Learn about building sovereign wealth in a decentralized economy.

Meet fellow blocktrepreneurs, technologists, digital nomads, HODLrs and Silicon Valley’s top brass investors. 50+ hrs of educational content delivered across three stages by worlds top experts. 15 minute, TED-style powerfully delivered talks on emerging blockchain tech, and the future of cryptocurrencies.

Why attend Tulip?

You may have missed the first cryptocurrency wave that produced massive success stories, do not miss the next wave of opportunities in the decentralized token economy. Gain early adopters advantage and insights on where the blockchain industry is heading.

Witness the new wave of blockchain technologies launch – EOS, 0chain, Semada, Mogul.network and many more. Learn about these next generation of blockchain technologies that solves usability, scaling and adoption problems.

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