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Test Networks

Test Networks

Morden testnet

Morden is a public Expanse alternative testnet. It is expected to continue throughout the Frontier and Homestead milestones of the software.


exp (C++ client)

This is supported natively on 0.9.93 and above. Pass the –morden argument in when starting any of the clients. e.g.:

PyEthApp (Python client)

PyEthApp supports the morden network from v1.0.5 onwards:

gexp (Go client)


All parameters are the same as the main Expanse network except:

  • Network Name: Morden
  • Network Identity: 2
  • genesis.json (given below);
  • Initial Account Nonce (IAN) is 2^20 (instead of 0 in all previous networks).
    • All accounts in the state trie have nonce >= IAN.
    • Whenever an account is inserted into the state trie it is initialised with nonce = IAN.
  • Genesis generic block hash: 0cd786a2425d16f152c658316c423e6ce1181e15c3295826d7c9904cba9ce303
  • Genesis generic state root: f3f4696bbf3b3b07775128eb7a3763279a394e382130f27c21e70233e04946a9

Morden’s genesis.json

Getting Morden testnet expanse

Two ways to obtain Morden testnet expanse:



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