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Developer Needed

C++ Developer Needed for Short-term Project

Start Immediately. 100K EXP Bounty.

Established blockchain company needs a talented dev to assist with specific, time-sensitive programming tasks.

In order to maximize the integrity of our blockchain, we have decided it is in the best interest of our business and community to employ a unique mining algorithm. We are the only Ether fork to use this algo. We are looking for a developer to help us create the GPU miner for our unique algo.


  • On target epoch an algo switch is scheduled.
  • Light cache generation switches from Keccak to Sha512.
  • Whole DAG has to be regenerated from Light cache.
  • Mining algo changes from Keccak to Sha512.

Project Specifics

  • Modify/integrate Pawel’s ethash library for CPU validation.
  • Fork ethminer and create new kernels for both CUDA and OpenCL. (The most glue around kernels stays the same, i.e., stratum, stats, api, etc.)
  • Embed trigger epoch into Ethminer on behalf of type “EXP”.

Contact Us

Qualified applicants, please email us at [email protected]


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