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Expanse offers unique dApps designed beyond mere speculation. Our dApps are targeted at mass adoption and real-life use cases while also creating a growing network of trust, value, and practicality. Every day, we are finding new ways to work smarter, empower users and create efficiencies.

Consider just a few reasons why Expanse is distinctly positioned as a dApp platform when compared to Ethereum: smart contracts cost 1/50th as much to run and the highly efficient design uses less than .05% uncles per 1000 blocks versus Ethereum’s 8%.

From rewards to voting systems to a government services platform.

See how we’re building the future, one dApp at a time.

Our Dapps

Decentralized Applications



EggSwap is an automated market making (AMM) decentralized exchange (DEX) currently on the Expanse blockchain. This is a project run by the community and with the support of the Expanse Team.



Consider a voting system where results can be verified quickly and accurately, with unparalleled transparency yet complete privacy. VoteLock™ leverages the best of Blockchain to provide a secure system for casting and counting votes.


Do you have an idea?




Imagine an ICO- and smart-contract management platform that makes it easy for anyone to bring great ideas to life.

Whether you’re an ICO participant or an issuer, Tokenlab delivers unique technology for an ICO experience that’s safer and simpler, with built-in flexibility.

Tokenlab is just what it sounds like—a laboratory for creating tokens for crowd sales, tech projects—anything you can imagine. It is also a super easy way for people to launch ERC 20 tokens on the Expanse.Tech™ platform with time-locked, integrated ICO contracts. It is integrated into our cutting edge Gander Explorer System. The tokens can then reside in our safe and secure Expanse Mist Wallet.

Consumers fill out a form and select features from a menu. Tokenlab takes care of the rest.

Tokenlab’s back-end converts the users form submission into solidity & bytecode and then lauches it onto the Expanse blockchain.

Tokenlab provides a community that connects users to tokens, users to users and tokens to tokens.

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