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BSports Update

In the last newsletter, we announced that  Expanse signed a partnership deal with Sports Agents 502, with the intent to migrate certain aspects of their business to the Expanse blockchain. Starting with Guatemala, then expanding to all of South America, the project is called BSports and will eventually be a global initiative.

In recent weeks, we have been working on the definition phase of  the project. We have defined three main stages. 

Stage 1 – Registration

The first stage involves the registration of players on the Expanse blockchain. Data structures will be created to register countries, federations, disciplines, players and events. This part uses a general form for an athlete profile, but then allows customization for each sports discipline.

It will also allow for the registration of historical competencies. The most important thing here is to ensure that these records are endorsed by the associated federations. The design must also allow for validation by other partners within the  same discipline, with the idea that they could evaluate other athletes or lend veracity to their participation and results. Unique, permanent and unalterable records must be established.

One of the most important decisions for the platform is that it is not a social network, but a record of actions and results in sport, We will leave the social part for large networks; however, we will maintain links so that users can follow and socially support each athlete.

We plan for the records to be public and accessible by anyone. This goal of transparency is because we are sure that there are great athletes who do not get recognition due to not having a direct means of communication. BSports can be the means for this — both safe and unique.

Create a Unified Athlete Code

Each player will have a unique number that identifies him, and this should be an easy code to understand at a glance. Here is the formula:

ISO country code + Federation or sport code + Unique Correlative

This is our first definition, but we must validate it with the federations. If we keep it as simple as possible, this gives the virtue that a person can have different athlete codes if they participate in more than one sport discipline.

One of the most impactful decisions is to establish whether a single token is created per athlete or per sport.  If per athlete, this token would serve to support the athlete directly. By utilizing EXPEX, trading and exchanging tokens would be easily manageable, and could even serve to activate the sports economy. The proposal could also be to create a unique token for the platform.

Going forward, our plan is to have meetings with Luis Arboleda, project founder,  the first week of September to plan the steps to follow, validate the model and choose the first three federations willing to work with us.

For the next newsletter, we will have a lot of good news to tell you.

It is time to make decisions regarding the project and lay the foundations for these types of projects that will change the world of sports in South America.


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