How To Launch an ERC20 Token on Expanse Blockchain

Unless you are new to cryptocurrency chances are you have probably heard of the term ” ERC20 Token” and today, you are going to learn what that means and how to launch one on the Expanse network! So lets get started. ERC20 is a software standard or set of guidelines for creating tokens. But why do we need a token standard? To make it easier for companies to build software that easily integrates. Imagine for a second there were no standard.. Every new token would take a new set of rules which means increased cost and resource to integrate. In other words it would be a huge nightmare. ERC20 solves that.

In this article you will learn..

  • What an ERC20 token is.
  • How to download Expanse Wallet
  • How to create an account
  • How to launch your ERC20 token
  • How to share your tokens with others

Now that you understand what an ERC20 is, lets launch your first one!

Download the code for this how to launch your own erc20 token tutorial.

Step 1: Download The Expanse Wallet

Expanse Coin Wallet Download Link

Step 2: Create An Account

Step 3: Fund your Expanse Wallet

Every action on the Expanse network cost “gas”, gas is basically the fee we pay for computational steps. Because you are launching an Expanse contract you will need enough gas to cover this. 2 EXP is more than enough and if you join the chat and ask nicely im sure someone will help you out! Tell them Christopher sent you.

Step 4: Go To Contracts Tab

From this tab you’ll notice a few buttons. “Deploy New Contract” “Watch Contract” “Watch Token”. You will be clicking “Deploy new contract”. Later we will talk about the other two.

Step 5: Paste ERC20 Code from Token Repo in Text Area

Download ERC 20 code here.

After clicking “Deploy contract you will be taken to this view. Scroll down and you will see a textarea that says “solidity contract source code”. To get the source code you need for your token you can go to ERC20 Source Code  . Select all (ctrl+a or cmd+a), then copy (ctrl+c or cmd+c), then paste the source into the text area (ctrl+v or cmd+v).

To change the parameters of your token you will go to line 100 and look for the “constructor function”.

Step 6: Select ERc20 Code from Dropdown Menu

Step 7: Set The Gas To Launch The Contract & Click Deploy

Step 8: Enter Your Password And Click Send Transaction

Step 9: Your token will appear here

Remember the Contracts tab we visited earlier? The one where you clicked “deploy contract” well that is where your token contract will show up once you deploy it.

Step 10: Friends can add your token to their wallet.

All your friends need to do to add your token to their wallet is your token contract address and to click “watch token” on the “contracts” tab in the Expanse wallet. And thats it!


With power comes great responsibility so use your new super powers wisely. Share your tokens in our discord channel.




  • 什么是ERC20代币。
  • 如何下载应用钱包
  • 如何创建帐户
  • 如何启动您的ERC20代币
  • 如何与他人共享令牌


下载这个代码 how to launch your own erc20 token tutorial.


Expanse Coin Wallet Download Link



在Expanse网络上的每一个动作成本都是“gas”,gas基本上是我们为计算步骤支付的费用。因为你要签署一份扩大合同,你需要足够的天然气来覆盖它。2 . EXP就足够了,如果你加入聊天和问好,我相信有人会帮助你!告诉他们Chrsitopher派你来的。




下载ERC 20代吗

单击“Deploy contract”后,您将被带到此视图。向下滚动,你会看到一个文本区,上面写着“可靠契约源代码”。要获得令牌所需的源代码,可以访问ERC20源代码。选择all (ctrl+a或cmd+a),然后复制(ctrl+c或cmd+c),然后将源文件粘贴到文本区域(ctrl+v或cmd+v)。




Step 8: Enter Your Password And Click Send Transaction

Step 9: Your token will appear here

Remember the Contracts tab we visited earlier? The one where you clicked “deploy contract” well that is where your token contract will show up once you deploy it.

Step 10: Friends can add your token to their wallet.

All your friends need to do to add your token to their wallet is your token contract address and to click “watch token” on the “contracts” tab in the Expanse wallet. And thats it!


With power comes great responsibility so use your new super powers wisely. Share your tokens in our discord channel.

Expanse Developer Grants

Expanse Grants Lifecycle

The grant process is a linear lifecycle that starts at creating the funding opportunity, applying, making award decisions, and successfully awarding the grant.

The specific actions along the lifecycle are grouped into three main phases. Each of the three phases has its own page that provides a more detailed look at the process:

  1. Pre-Award Phase – Funding Opportunities and Application Review
  2. Award Phase – Award Decisions and Notifications
  3. Post Award – Implementation, Reporting, and Closeout

Grant Pre-Award Phase

Application Review Process

Once the application submission deadline passes, the awarding team gets to work reviewing the applications. The specific process for reviewing an application varies based on the type of grant you applied for. The generally applicable steps are as follows:

  • Initial screening to ensure application is complete
  • Programmatic review and assessment of the substance of the applications
  • Financial review of proposed budgets
  • Award decision and announcement

Initial Screening of Application

In the initial screening, sometimes called a basic minimum requirements review, the grant team will check each proposal to make sure it includes all the requirements to qualify for the grant. What the specific requirements are will vary for each grant, but common elements are eligibility, whitepaper, stage of development and budget attachment. The key for the initial screening is that the grants team is looking for the presence of the required element, not the quality of the element. If your application does not meet all of these basic requirements, then your application is likely to be rejected.

Programmatic Review and Assessment of Applications

The remaining applications undergo a thorough review and assessment for their technical and programmatic quality and competency. Again, this varies depending on the type of grant you applied for. We plan to open up the review process to the community later and allow for public voting.

A common format is a peer review panel of at least three people, who assess and score each application independently. Then, the peer review panel will convene to discuss the merits of the applications. A series of policies and assurances are in place to maintain a fair, objective process based on material facts in the applications and without conflicts of interest (COI) for the peer reviewers. The expanse grants staff monitor and participate in this review process.

Financial Review

While an application may have technical and programmatic quality, your budget also needs to be well-documented and realistic. The expanse grants team conduct a cost analysis, reviewing each line item and the overall proposed budget to ensure compliance with statutory and financial regulations. Additionally, the financial review also factors in the total budget for the grant program in relation to how much money each application requests.

Grant Award Phase

Once we completes the application review process, the Award Phase begins. The final award decisions rest solely in the hands of the expanse grants staff with fiduciary responsibility and legal authority to enter binding agreements. Expanse Grants staff review and make award recommendations based on the programmatic and financial reviews of the applications. These recommendations are reviewed by a series of levels in the agencies to ensure high-quality, fair, and unbiased decisions.

Notice of Award

Once the final award decisions are made, the awarding agency sends a Notice of Award (NOA) to the entities selected for funding. The NOA is the official, legally binding issuance of the award. When you or your organization accepts the grant (i.e., by signing the grant agreement or by drawing down funds) you become legally obligated to carry out the full terms and conditions of the grant.

Grant Post Award Phase

The post award phase comprises a significant amount of work over the duration of the award dates, which includes implementing the grant, reporting progress, and completing the closeout requirements. The Expanse Grants team that makes the award to you is also there to assist and ensure you or your organization complies with the grant terms and conditions. Your job is to faithfully and diligently carry out the grant program.


The agency monitors your progress and expenditures through various programmatic and financial reporting procedures, as well as using performance metrics per the grant agreement. While the majority of award recipients carry out the grants ethically and efficiently, these monitoring procedures are necessary to maintain transparency and to prevent fraud and abuse.

The awarding team typically has a grants management officer and program officer designated to each grant, both of which you will work with throughout the life of the grant. They are the ones who will review reports and conduct site visits, so we recommend you build an effective line of communication with these staff members. It is better to prevent issues by talking to your grant and program officers to clarify grant terms or expectations than it is to submit a report and wait for problems to be identified and recourse initiated.

The specific reporting requirements, schedules, and systems can vary for each grant, so please check with your grant management officer for the grant terms and conditions carefully for this information.


The closeout step is where the grant process ends. In order to complete a closeout, you, the award recipient, must submit the final financial and programmatic reports. The receipt must submit all financial, performance, and other reports required under the grant within 90 days after the grant award expires or is terminated. The Expanse Grants staff will review these reports to ensure compliance will all the grant terms and conditions as well as to make sure you spent all the funds appropriately.

How do I know when a grant is officially over? The Expanse Grants team will confirm that the recipient has completed all of the required grant work and all the applicable administrative tasks. Until the Expanse Grants team confirms this, you are still responsible for fulfilling all the terms of the grant. The closeout process can take several months if there are financial concerns or questions to reconcile. Also, if you or your organization acquired any property using grant funding, the closeout step is when you must make sure to handle this property exactly as the grant stipulates, which includes completing the appropriate reports on this property. Lastly, you are typically required to retain your grant records for at least three years from the date of the final expenditure report.


Expanse Developer Grants



生命周期中的具体操作分为三个主要阶段。 这三个阶段中的每一个都有自己的页面,可以更详细地了解该过程:

  1. 预授奖阶段 – 资助机会和申请审核
  2. 奖励阶段 – 奖励决定和通知
  3. 岗位奖 – 实施,报告和收尾



申请提交截止日期过后,授标团队将开始审核申请。 审核申请的具体流程因申请的申请类型而异。 一般适用的步骤如下:

  • 初步筛选以确保申请完成
  • 对申请实质的计划审查和评估
  • 拟议预算的财务审查
  • 奖励决定和公告


在初始筛选中,有时称为基本最低要求审核,授权团队将检查每个提案,以确保其包含有资格获得资助的所有要求。 每项拨款的具体要求会有所不同,但共同的要素是资格,白皮书,发展阶段和预算附件。 初步筛选的关键是授权团队正在寻找所需元素的存在,而不是元素的质量。 如果您的申请不符合所有这些基本要求,那么您的申请可能会被拒绝。


其余的应用程序将对其技术和程序质量和能力进行全面审查和评估。 同样,这取决于您申请的拨款类型。 我们计划稍后向社区开放审核流程,并允许进行公众投票。

通用格式是至少三个人的同行评审小组,他们独立评估和评分每个应用程序。 然后,同行评审小组将召集讨论申请的优点。 我们制定了一系列政策和保证措施,以便根据申请中的重要事实维护公平,客观的流程,同时不会出现针对同行评审员的利益冲突(COI)。 扩展区授予员工监督并参与此审核流程。


虽然应用程序可能具有技术和程序质量,但您的预算也需要有充分的文档记录和现实性。 Expanse补助团队进行成本分析,审查每个项目和总体拟议预算,以确保符合法定和财务规定。 此外,财务审查还将拨款计划的总预算与每个申请请求的金额相关。


我们完成申请审核流程,奖励阶段开始。 最终的裁决决定完全由拥有信托责任和法律授权的工作人员负责签订具有约束力的协议。 Expanse Grants根据申请的计划和财务审查,对员工进行审查并提出奖励建议。 这些建议由各机构的一系列级别进行审查,以确保高质量,公平和公正的决策。


一旦做出最终的奖励决定,颁奖机构就会向选定的实体发送奖励通知(NOA)。 NOA是该奖项的官方,具有法律约束力的发行。 当您或您的组织接受赠款时(即通过签署赠款协议或提取资金),您将有法律义务履行赠款的全部条款和条件。

Grant Post奖励阶段

岗位奖励阶段包括在奖励日期内的大量工作,包括实施补助金,报告进度和完成收尾要求。 授予您奖励的Expanse Grants团队也可以协助并确保您或您的组织遵守授权条款和条件。 你的工作是忠实而勤勉地执行拨款计划。


该机构通过各种计划和财务报告程序监控您的进度和支出,并根据拨款协议使用绩效指标。 虽然大多数获奖者以合乎道德和有效的方式执行拨款,但这些监督程序对于保持透明度和防止欺诈和滥用是必要的。

颁奖团队通常会为每项拨款指定一名拨款管理人员和项目官员,您将在授权期间与他们一起工作。 他们将审核报告并进行实地考察,因此我们建议您与这些员工建立有效的沟通渠道。 最好通过与您的拨款和计划官员交谈来澄清授权条款或期望,而不是提交报告并等待确定问题和追索问题。



结束步骤是授予过程结束的地方。 为了完成收尾,您,获奖者必须提交最终的财务和计划报告。 收据必须在授予到期或终止后90天内提交授权所需的所有财务,绩效和其他报告。 Expanse Grants工作人员将审核这些报告,以确保遵守所有授权条款和条件,并确保您适当地花费所有资金。

我怎么知道补助金何时正式结束? Expanse Grants团队将确认收件人已完成所有必需的拨款工作和所有适用的管理任务。 在Expanse Grants团队确认之前,您仍然有责任履行授权的所有条款。 如果存在财务问题或需要协调的问题,则结束流程可能需要几个月的时间。 此外,如果您或您的组织使用拨款资金获得任何财产,则结束步骤是您必须确保完全按照拨款规定处理此财产,其中包括完成此财产的相应报告。 最后,您通常需要保留自最终支出报告之日起至少三年的授权记录。