AMA Highlights/Recap - Expanse

AMA Highlights/Recap

Here are some of the questions posted in advance of the AMA Live yesterday and the abbreviated responses. Please listen to the recording for lots of interesting nuances from the hosts.

What is the status of UKYC and can we expect a release before the end of the year?
The back-end of the UKYC development is complete. The front-end is not. I project it will be ready right after the first of the year. 

What is the status of Votelock and can we expect a release before the 2020 U.S. Presidential elections?
VoteLock was ready and tested in 2016. We’re still not sure 2020 will be ready for this new technology, given the current political environment.  

Is there a way to get support for hardware wallets and Luna in the near future (e.g. ledger, keepkey etc?)
Expanse is on Ledger. We will continue to add other hardware wallets. 

What is the future of TokenLab now since ICO funds have all been exhausted?
We are as committed to Tokenlab as ever. However, we are exploring ways to generate utility, fee income and revenue to help keep us afloat. 

Will there be any push to get Tokenlab on liquid exchanges so Expanse projects can use it?
LAB will be on EXPEX. We continue to reach out to other exchanges for listing.

Will there be a push to get TokenLab on CoinMarketCap?
We are working on that now.

Will there be ongoing improvements made to TokenLab or is it pretty much done?
There will be ongoing development of Tokenlab, as the need for smart contracts will continue to grow. We are creating an entire ecosystem around Tokenlab.

Tell us more about EXPEX and your vision for it and whatever other details you find exciting and inspirational.
We are excited about EXPEX and its accessibility through the Luna wallet. We are on track to begin testing soon.

Can you make an open source roadmap progress on trello?
We used to have this in place, but have migrated everything to Teamwork.

Tell us about plans to not rely on a premine for funding.1. Can you give some clarification on how deep Expanse and Slips partnership will be?
We are looking at other sources of funding to continue to enable the great projects we have underway beyond premine. Please read the article about Slips above..  

Are there still open bounties and if so, where are they being advertised?
They are listed on

How many private companies have reached out to EXP team? And where have they been located out of? US, EU, China, SA, etc…..?
We have overtures from prospective partners on a regular basis. We evaluate each of them as they come in. 

Is EXP prepared for this bear market to last a while?

The bear market could last indefinitely, so we are looking at other sources of funding to continue to enable the great projects we have underway.  


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